Man pages for iNZightVIT/iNZightMaps

bar.coorcreate bar object
ClickOnZoomZoom in/out
col.funColor Specification
create.inz.shapemapplotdraw a shape file ...
data.transTransform the data into the range of [0,1].
decodeMapDirConvert map filepaths to "tidy" filepaths
download.shapefilesDownload shapefiles from remote repository
drawing.featuresdrawing features
findBestMatchFind 'best-matching' pair of variables from map and data
getMinMaxGet the range of a set of variables while ignoring...
heartCardiac-related mortality in New Zealand DHBs
innerLiminner limit
iNZightMapCreate an iNZight Map Object
iNZightMapAggregationAggregate an iNZightMapPlot with Multiple Observations
iNZightMapCountryISOGet list of country ISO codes
iNZightMapPlotCreate iNZightMapPlot object
iNZightMapProjectionsGet available map projections
iNZightMapRegionsExtract region names from iNZightMapPlot object
iNZightMapVarsExtract column names from an iNZightMapPlot object
iNZightShapeMapCreate an iNZight Shape Map Object
lim.insideidentify the which set of latitude and longitude are within...
lon.rescaleTransform the longitude
matchVariablesMatch two vectors
name.matchMatch names between map and data
NSSATSNational Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services
nzquakesEarthquakes in New Zealand
order.matchre-order the region name in shape file
outerLimouter limit
plot.iNZightMapPlotPlot an iNZightMapPlot
plot.inzightshapemapCreate an iNZight Shape Map Object
plot.inzmapPlot an iNZight Map
plot.inzshapemapPlot an iNZight Shape Map
read.mapmetadataRead shapefile metadata from file
region.bboxCalaudate the bbox of a country
re.scalerearrange the limit
retrieveMapRetrieve a map for use in iNZightMapPlot
rezoomchange the zoom within the center point
sClickOnZoomZoom in/out
shape.extractextract and create a shape object
srezoomchange the zoom within the center point
subByLimsubset by limit
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