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Visual Inference Tools

appendPathappends a vpPath to include the number n on the bottommost...
boxplotGrobConstruct a boxplot grob
calcCITWaldthe various confidence coverage methods for CALC_STAT note...
ci1000confidence coverage method for HANDLE_1000: how to display...
CIcounterconfidence coverage method for DISPLAY_RESULT
coldatatextGrobConstruct a datatext grob
confintGrobConstruct a ci grob
datatextGrobConstruct a datatext grob
dropCIconfidence coverage method for ANIMATE_STAT
dropPoints1dAnimates a sample of points dropping down from the collection...
ghostsGroba grob used to display previous boxplots as ghost boxplots
grid.boxplotDraw a boxplot grob
grid.coldatatextDraw a datatext grob
grid.confintDraw a ci grob
grid.datatextDraw a datatext grob
grid.ghostsDraw a ghosts grob
grid.histDraw a histogram grob
histGrobConstruct a histogram grob
iNZightVITVisual Inference Tools and iNZight Home
plotBoxplothelper function for plotting numeric data
plotHisthelper function for plotting numeric data
plotPointshelper function for plotting numeric data
plotPointsAndBoxplotUsed for displaying numeric data. Plots a group of points...
showVPshelper function for programming use
stackPointsCalculates y values for a vector of overlapping x values. Y...
updateVitUpdating the 'VIT' system.
vitBugReportWriting a Bug Report for 'VIT'
vit-packageVisual Inference Tools
vpNumberreturns the number at the end of the viewport name
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