Man pages for iagomosqueira/FLasher
Projection and Forecasting of Fish Populations, Stocks and Fleets

add_target_order_flsAdd the order column to the control target
basicBlockA base class for drawing FCB bits
biolBlockA class for drawing a biological stock
calc_FCalculate fishing mortality
catchBlockA class for drawing a catch
coerceMethods for coercing objects between classes
compare-methodsCompare the result of a 'fwd()' run with the defined targets.
draw-FCBGeneric method for drawing components the FCB matrix
FCBCreate and extract the FCB slot in fwdControl
fcb2intfcb2int function
FCBDrawingA class for drawing the FCB matrix
fillcharFill up character slots
fisheryBlockA class for drawing a fishery
fwdControlA class for the targets and limits of a fishery and stock...
fwdControl-accessorsSet and replacement accessors for fwdControl
fwd-methodsMethod for running fishery projections
get_FLQuant_elementReturn 1D element index of an FLQuant
get_FLQuant_elementsReturn 1D vector of element indices of an FLQuant
guessfcbGenerate an FCB matrix from FLBiols and FLFisheries
inlineCxxPluginMake the plug in for inline Cxx
itersAccess and replace the iters slot of the fwdControl
make_test_operatingModelMake a test operating model from a single FLStock object
match_posns_namesChange names of biols, catches and fisheries in the control...
mixed_fishery_exampleAn FLBiols object used in mixed fishery vignette
operatingModelRunCall the CPP operatingModel run method
parsefwdListParse the list argument to fwd to make a fwdControl object
plotplot method for FLStock, fwdControl
propagate-fwdControl-methodPropagate the fwdControl
random_FLBiolcpp_generatorGenerate randomly sized and filled FLBiolcpp objects
random_FLCatches_generatorGenerates an FLCatches object - a list of randomly sized and...
random_FLCatch_generatorGenerate randomly sized and filled FLCatch objects
random_FLFisheries_generatorGenerate a randomly filled and sized FLFisheries object
random_FLFishery_generatorGenerate a randomly filled and sized FLFishery object
random_FLQuant_generatorGenerate randomly sized and filled FLQuant objects
random_FLQuant_list_generatorGenerate lists of randomly sized and filled FLQuant objects
random_fwdBiols_list_generatorGenerates a list that can be passed to the CPP fwdBiols...
random_fwdControl_generatorRandom fwdControl object creator
show-fwdControl-methodShow method for fwdControl
stfPrepare object for future projection
summarysummary method for fwdControl
targetAccess and replace the target
targetOrderGet the order of targets in a fwdControl
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