Man pages for ian1roberts/GEOquery
Get data from NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)

dataTableGeneric functions for GEOquery
GDS2MAConvert a GDS data structure to a BioConductor data structure
GDS-classClass "GDS"
GEOData-classClass "GEOData"
GEODataTable-classClass "GEODataTable"
getGEOGet a GEO object from NCBI or file
getGEOfileDownload a file from GEO soft file to the local machine
getGEOSuppFilesGet Supplemental Files from GEO
getGSEDataTablesGet GSE data tables from GEO into R data structures.
GPL-classClass "GPL"
GSE-classClass "GSE"
GSM-classClass "GSM"
gunzipGunzip a file
parseGEOParse GEO text
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