Man pages for ices-tools-prod/msy
Estimation of Equilibrium Reference Points for Fisheries

Bevholtstock recruitment function
bevholt2stock recruitment function
convertSumSenConvert sum and sen files
eqsim_ggplotPlots of the results from eqsim
eqsim_plotPlots of the results from eqsim
eqsim_plot_rangeCalculate Fmsy range
eqsim_rangeCalculate Fmsy range
eqsim_runsimulates the equilibrium results for a population
eqsr_Bucklandstock recruitment function
eqsr_fitStock recruitment fit
eqsr_plotplot simulated predictive distribution of recruitment
fitModelsStock recruitment fit
fitModelsBuckstock recruitment function
fitModelsSimmondsstock recruitment function
initialGet starting values for models
llikthe log-likelihood of the rectuit function
LLmodplotplots the fits for each model considered in 'fitModels'
LLplotplots the ordered posterior densities accross MCMC iterations...
loaderProgress function
MHRuns a Metropolis Hasting MCMC on a stock recruit model
msy-packageEstimation of equilibrium reference points for fish stocks
Rickerstock recruitment function
scaleProposalPropose a multiplicatively uniform variable.
Segregstock recruitment function
segreg2stock recruitment function
smooth_hockeystock recruitment function
SRplotplot simulated predictive distribution of recruitment
updateparamperforms a single
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