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Range Ancestral State Estimation for Phylogeography and Comparative Analyses

add.densPlot the Posterior Density for each Ancestor in 3D Space
add.polygonsPlot the Distributions for the Phylogenetic Tips in 3D
bigauss_pdfBivariate Gaussian PDF
bm_aseBayesian Ancestral State Estimation with Points
bm_loglik_ancestorsLikelihood of ancestors using points
bm_loglik_duoLikelihood of a 2-dimensional point with one daughter and one...
bm_loglik_treePoint Brownian motion tree likelihood
bm_loglik_tree_constrainedRange Brownian motion tree likelihood
bm_loglik_trioFast likelihood of a 2-dimensional point with two daughters...
bm_propose_duoMCMC proposal for a 2-dimensional point with one daughter and...
bm_propose_trioMCMC proposal for a 2-dimensional point with two daughters...
data.for.3dTransform Output for 3D Plotting
make_bm_est_sigma2Estimate Sigma and Sigma Variance
make_bm_loglik_ancestors_polyFast likelihood of ancestors using polygons
name.polyName & Order Polygons According to the Phylogeny
phylo.3dPlots a Phylogenic Tree in 3D Maximum Likelihood of Point Brownian Motion
poly_centerCalculate the Polygon Center Maximumn Likelihood of Range Brownian Motion
raseBayesian Range Ancestral State Estimation of Polygons
rase_dataPsophia Data Used for rase Package
rase-packageRange Ancestral State Estimation
rase.sliceAncestral State Estimation At Any Given Time Slice a Shapefile into 'owin.object' Format
tree.sliceIdentify Tree Branches That Intersect With a Given Time...
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