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The goal of plearn is to simplify working with the PrairieLearn platform by automating the creation of common questions.


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Development Status

Workflow with this package is highly experimental and is likely to be tuned over the next school year. That said, using the templates in the package now with PrairieLearn will likely be fine. However, these templates are using PrairieLearn-specific markup, e.g <pl-*></pl-*> as part of the question creation procedure. In the future, the package will likely move toward using asciidoc standard, which would allow questions to be written agnostic to the PrairieLearn platform. This would defend against or provide compatibility with a change from v3 to v4.


After working on PrairieLearn problems for awhile, I realized how much I would like to apply the usethis package mentality for generating questions. As a result, this package extends usethis where applicable into question and course creation.


Portions of the code related to PrairieLearn are released under:

GPL (>= 2)

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