Man pages for inbo/n2kanalysis
Generic Functions to Analyse Data from the Natura 2000 Monitoring

combineCombine multiple n2k objects
delete_modelDelete a n2kModel object
extractExtract the relevant coefficients
fit_every_modelFit the model to the analysis files
fit_modelFit a n2kModel object
get_analysis_dateGet the analysis date of a n2kModel object
get_analysis_versionGet an analysis version
get_anomalyGet the anomalies from a model
get_dataGet the data of a n2kModel object
get_file_fingerprintGet the file fingerprint of a n2kModel object
get_formulaGet the formula of a n2kModel object
get_location_group_idGet the location group id of a n2kModel object
get_modelGet the model of a n2kModel object
get_model_parameterAdd the model parameters from a model
get_model_typeGet the model type of a n2kModel object
get_parentsGet the object of the parent analyses of a n2kModel object
get_resultAdd the results from an analysis
get_scheme_idGet the scheme_id of a n2kModel object
get_seedGet the seed of a n2kModel object
get_species_group_idGet the species group id of a n2kModel object
get_status_fingerprintGet the status fingerprint of a n2kModel object
inla_inverseCalculate the mean and 95% confidence interval from the...
mark_obsolete_datasetFind and mark obsolete datasets
n2k_aggregateCreate a n2kAggregate object
n2kAggregate-classThe n2kAggregate class
n2kAnalysisMetadata-classThe n2kAnalysisMetadata class
n2kAnalysisVersion-classThe n2kAnalysisVersion class
n2kAnomaly-classThe n2kAnomaly class
n2k_compositeCreate a n2kComposite object
n2kComposite-classThe n2kComposite class
n2kContrast-classThe n2kContrast class
n2k_glmer_poissonCreate a n2kGlmerPoisson object
n2kGlmerPoisson-classThe n2kGlmerPoisson class
n2k_importCreate a n2kImport object
n2kImport-classThe n2kImport class
n2k_inlaCreate a n2kInla object
n2kInla-classThe n2kInla class
n2k_inla_comparisonCreate a n2kInlaComparison object
n2kInlaComparison-classThe n2kInlaComparison class
n2k_lrt_glmerCreate a n2kLrtGlmer object
n2kLrtGlmer-classThe n2kLrtGlmer class
n2k_manifestCreate a n2kManifest object
n2kManifest-classThe n2kManifest class
n2kModel-classThe n2kModel class
n2k_model_imputedCreate a n2kModelImputed object
n2kModelImputed-classThe n2kModelImputed class
n2kParameter-classThe n2kParameter class
n2kResult-classThe n2kResult class
parent_statusGet the parent status of a n2kModel
parent.status.changeOverwrite the status of a n2kAnalysisMetadata
read_manifestRead a n2kManifest object
read_modelRead a n2kModel object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select_factor_count_strictly_positiveSelect data based on the number of prescences per category
select_factor_thresholdSelect the observations based on the average of a factor
select_observed_rangeLimit the observation to the range in which the species is...
session_packageConvert a sessionInfo() to a data.frame of packages
statusGet the status of a n2kModel
status.changeOverwrite the status of a n2kAnalysisMetadata
store_manifestStore a n2kManifest object
store_manifest_yamlStore a docker configuration
store_modelStore a n2kModel object
unionMake a union of AnalysisVersions
validObjectGet the validity of objects in files
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