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The n2khelper package

The n2khelper package constains auxiliary functions for the analysis and reporting of the Natura 2000 Monitoring.


n2khelper is part of the collection of R packages created to analyse the data gathered during the Natura 2000 monitoring.

n2khelper has several goals:

  1. Not to repeat oneself by creating a single package with generic function rather than create different functions that do something similar in the different packages.
  2. Put functions together which might be relevant for other users and package authors.
  3. Create a proof of concept for some functionality and convince authors of more estabiled packages to incoporate them in their package. Examples are digest::sha1() and aws.s3::get_bucket()

Folder structure

The folder structure is that of a typical R packages with the mandatory R folder (definition of the functions) and man (helpfiles in Rd format). data-raw is an optional folder with the source code the generate sysdata.rda in the R folder. The optional test folder contains the unit tests using the infrastructure from the testthat package.

|-- data-raw
|-- man
|-- R
|-- tests
   |-- testthat

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