Man pages for inbo/n2khelper
Auxiliary Functions for the Analysis and Reporting of the Natura 2000 Monitoring

check_characterCheck if the object is a character
check_dataframe_covariateCheck if the covariates are available in a dataframe
check_dataframe_variableCheck if a data.frame contains variables
check_dbtableCheck if a table is available in a given ODBC connection
check_dbtable_variableCheck if a variable is available in a given table
check_idTest if an id exists in a given field of the table
check_pathcheck if a path is an exisiting file or directory
check_single_characterCheck if the object is a single character
check_single_logicalCheck if the object is a single logical
check_single_numericCheck if the object is a single numeric
check_single_posixCheck if the object is a single POSIX
check_single_probabilityCheck if the object is a single probability
connect_nbnOpen a trusted connection to the NBN database
connect_resultOpens an ODBC connection to the 'results' database
connect_ut_dbconnect to the unit test database
cut_dateSplit dates into periods within each year
get_nbn_keyGet the NBN key of a species
get_nbn_key_multiTry multiple languages to get a matching NBN key
get_nbn_nameGet the name associated with an NBN key
git_connectReturns the path of the datasource within the git repository
gitConnection-classThe gitConnection class
is.chartorTest if the argument is either character or factor
match_nbn_keyMerge NBN keys into a species dataframe
odbc_connectconnect to a data source through ODBC
odbc_get_idGet the id of the matching records
odbc_get_multi_idGet the corresponding id's
odbc_insertAppend a data.frame to a table through an ODBC connection
read_object_environmentRead an object from an environment
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