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The firstapiR functions GetSchedule(), GetHybridSchedule(), and GetMatchResults return a data frame in team shape, i.e., with one team listed in every row, and six rows per match. R documentation often refers to data frames in this format as narrow data frames. ToMatchShape will convert these narrow data frames to a wide data frame (it's wide because it has more columns) with three teams per row and two rows per match, one row for the blue alliance and one row for the red alliance.





A firstapiR data frame. The data frame must inherit from the schedule, hybridSchedule, or emphmatchResults class data frames that are returned by firstapiR functions. The data frame must also be in team shape and have the shape attribute set to "team".


ToMatchShape will only convert data frames that are in team shape, with their shape attribute set to "team". To convert data frame that are in alliance shape to match shape, first use ToTeamShape to convert the data frame back to team shape, and then use ToMatchShape to convert it to match shape.

FirstapiR proivdes functions to reshape data frames because different shapes are useful for different purposes. For example, team shape is useful for extracting data for a single team because it's only necessary to subset the data frame on the team column. Match shape is useful for displaying schedules. Alliance shape is useful for calculating offensive power rating (OPR).

This function throws an error if df does not inherit from matchResults, schedule, or hybridSchedule, or if the data frame's shape attribute is missing or is anything other than team.


A data frame of class schedule, hybridSchedule, or matchResults (depending on the class of the df argument) in match shape, with the shape attribute set to "alliance".

See Also

GetMatchResults, GetHybridSchedule, GetSchedule


sn <- GetSession("myUserName", "key", season = 2016)
matchResults_teamshape <- GetMatchResults(sn, event = "PNCMP")
matchResults_allianceshape <- ToAllianceShape(matchResults_teamshape)

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