set_git_credentials_cache: Set git credential cache time

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set_git_credentials_cacheR Documentation

Set git credential cache time


Set the amount of time that the git credentials will be available on the system you are working on.


set_git_credentials_cache(hours = 4, global = TRUE)



the amount of hours that the credentials should be stored. Defaults to 4 hours.


if TRUE then the setting will be sett as a global setting. If FALSE it will only be for the current git repository


As we move between servers to work we oftentimes do not want to store our git passwords there. For instance when we are workign on servers of third parties. The extreme is to include the username and password for every single git call. But with git we can have a middle way where we store the credentials in cache for a limited amount of time.


No return value, called for side effects

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