set_git_timeout: Extend git credential cache time-out

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Extend git credential cache time-out


Set the number of seconds before the git credential cache times out. Note that this is written for work on remote servers where we do not want to store our git credentials because other might have access to it, or impersonate us. On a trusted machine the most common setting would be git credential.helper store. However, some caching is required when working on a remote server because frequent commit-push cycles where you have to write out your username and password every time is not nice.

By default this will only apply to the repo you are working in. If you call the global version take care that this is what you want. Also by default the timeout is set to 4 hours (14400 seconds).


set_git_timeout(timeout = 14400, global = FALSE)



number of seconds before timeout


whether the change should be global or local to the repo


No return value, called for side effects

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