Man pages for jabenninghoff/rdev
R Development Tools

build_analysis_siteBuild Analysis Site
build_rdev_siteBuild rdev Site
check_renvCheck renv
ciLocal CI
create_github_repoCreate rdev GitHub repository
deps_checkCheck dependencies
get_licenseGet license option
get_releaseGet release details
html_url_checkCheck URLs in HTML files
initInitialize rdev package
lint_allLint all files
local_temppkgTemporary package
merge_releaseMerge staged GitHub release
new_branchStart a new branch
rdev-packagerdev: R Development Tools
rmd_metadataGet analysis notebook metadata
setup_analysisSet up analysis package
sort_fileSort file
sort_rbuildignoreSort .Rbuildignore file
spell_check_notebooksSpell Check Notebooks
stage_releaseStage a GitHub release
style_allStyle all files
to_documentConvert R Notebook to 'html_document'
update_wordlist_notebooksUpdate WORDLIST from notebooks
urlchecker-reexportsFunctions re-exported from the urlchecker package
use_analysis_packageUse Analysis Package Layout
use_codecovUse rdev code coverage
use_lintrUse rdev .lintr
use_package_rUse rdev package.R
use_rdev_packageUse rdev package conventions
use_rprofileUse rdev .Rprofile
use_spellingUse rdev spelling
use_todoUse rdev
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