use_codecov: Use rdev code coverage

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use_codecovR Documentation

Use rdev code coverage


Install code coverage with usethis::use_coverage(type = "codecov"), DT package for covr::report(), and rdev GitHub action test-coverage.yaml.


use_codecov(prompt = FALSE)



If TRUE, prompt before writing renv.lock, passed to renv::snapshot().


Because use_rdev_package(), use_analysis_package() and use_codecov() all modify README.Rmd, use_codecov() must be run last or its changes will be overwritten. use_codecov() is not run in use_rdev_package().

Set option rdev.codecov to FALSE to skip installation of and test-coverage.yaml: options(rdev.codecov = FALSE)

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions can be disabled by setting rdev.github.actions to FALSE: options(rdev.github.actions = FALSE)

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