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Comorbidity Calculations and Tools for ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes

apply_hierApply hierarchy and choose naming for each comorbidity map
as.comorbidity_mapSet the class of a named list to show it is a comorbidity...
as.decimal_diagGet or set whether ICD codes have have an attribute...
attr_decimal_diagSet ICD short-form diagnosis code attribute
attr_short_diagSet short diagnosis flag in C++
chapters_to_mapConvert chapters to lists of codes for use as a comorbidity...
charlsonCalculate Charlson Comorbidity Index (Charlson Score)
charlson_from_comorbidCalculate Charlson scores from precomputed Charlson...
childrenGet children of ICD codes
combineCombine ICD codes
comorbidFind comorbidities from ICD-9 codes.
comorbid_df_to_matconvert comorbidity matrix to data frame
comorbid_hccGet Hierarchical Condition Codes (HCC)
comorbid_mat_to_dfconvert comorbidity data frame from matrix
comorbid_pccc_dxCalculate pediatric complex chronic conditions (PCCC)...
condenseCondense ICD-9 code by replacing complete families with...
convertConvert ICD data between formats and structures.
count_codesCount ICD codes or comorbidities for each patient
count_codes_wideCount ICD codes given in wide format
count_comorbidCount number of comorbidities per patient
crsequence columns of comorbidities
decimal_to_shortConvert Decimal format ICD codes to short format
diff_comorbidshow the difference between two comorbidity mappings
expand_rangeGenerate a set of codes between two ICD codes including...
expand_range.icd10cmExpand range of ICD-10 codes returning only defined codes in...
expand_range_majorExpand two major codes to a range
explain_codeExplain ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in English
explain_tableExplain ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in English from decimal...
explain_table_workergenerate table of ICD code explanations
factor_is_validCheck a factor structure is valid
filter_poaFilters data frame based on present-on-arrival flag
filter_validFilter ICD codes by validity.
generate_neds_ptsGenerate simulated 'NEDS' data for 'PCCC' and bigger wide...
get_billableGet the subset of codes that are billable according to...
get_definedSelect only defined ICD codes
get_invalidGet invalid ICD codes
get_leafGet billable ICD codes
get_validinvalid subset of decimal or short_code ICD-9 codes
guess_shortGuess whether codes are 'short_code' or 'decimal_code'
guess_versionGuess version of ICD codes
icd10_comorbid_reduceICD-10 comorbidities by reducing problem size
icd10_map_ahrq_pcsAHRQ ICD-10-PCS categories
icd9MajMinToCodeConvert 'mjr' and 'mnr' vectors to single code
icd9_map_ahrqAHRQ comorbidities
icd9_map_elixElixhauser comorbidities
icd9_map_hccMedicare Hierarchical Condition Categories
icd9_map_pcccPediatric Complex Chronic Conditions
icd9_map_quan_deyoQuan adaptation of Deyo/Charlson comorbidities
icd9_map_quan_elixQuan adaptation of Elixhauser comorbidities
icd9_map_single_ccsClinical Classifications Software (CCS) for ICD9/10-CM
icd-packageicd: Comorbidity Calculations and Tools for ICD-9 and ICD-10...
is_billableCheck whether a code is billable according to ICD-9-CM or...
is_definedCheck whether ICD-9 codes exist
is.icd9Test presence of ICD classes
is.icd_long_dataTest for class describing patient data
is_leafDetermine whether codes are billable leaf-nodes
is_validCheck whether ICD-9 codes are syntactically valid
is_valid_majorTest whether an ICD code is major
long_to_wideConvert ICD data from long to wide format
names_elixComorbidity names
plot_comorbidBasic ordered bar plot showing counts of each comorbidity
poa_choicesPresent-on-admission flags
print.comorbidity_mapPrint a comorbidity map
print.icd9Print ICD codes and comorbidity maps cleanly
refactor_workerRe-generate a factor with new levels, without doing string...
set_icd_classConstruct ICD-9 and ICD-10 data types
shortcode_icd9set 'short_to_decimal' attribute
short_to_decimalConvert ICD codes from short to decimal forms
sort_icdSort or order ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes according to published...
subsetextract subset(s) from ICD data
sub-sub-.comorbidity_mapExtract vector of codes from an ICD comorbidity map
van_walravenCalculate van Walraven Elixhauser Score
wide_to_longConvert ICD data from wide to long format
wide_vs_longSet the ICD data structure class of a 'matrix' or...
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