path.based: Circular cluster.

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The data set consists of a circular cluster with an opening near the bottom and two Gaussian distributed clusters inside. All description about the data set may be found in Robust path-based spectral clustering article, and the Clustering basic benchmark site, in the references.




A data frame containing 240 observations and two dimensions, forming two partitions:

  1. x1: real positive values

  2. x2: real positive values

Originally, the dataset had contained three dimensions. We intentionally removed the third dimension that corresponds to the label which the data point belongs.


The dataset was collected from Clustering basic benchmark site.


H. Chang and D.Y. Yeung, Robust path-based spectral clustering. Pattern Recognition, 2008. 41(1): p. 191-203.

P. Franti and S. Sieranoja, K-means properties on six clustering benchmark datasets, vol. 48, no. 12. pp. 4743-4759, 2018.

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