Man pages for jakobbossek/netgen
Network Generator for Combinatorial Graph Problems

addNodeWeightsAdd node weights.
as.character.NetworkGet basic network information as a string. network to data frame.
as.matrix.NetworkConvert network to matrix.
autoplot.NetworkAutoplot function.
dynamiseAdd dynamic arrival times to nodes.
exportToFileExports a network to an proprietary format.
exportToTSPlibFormatExports a network to the TSPlib format.
filterTSPInstancesFilter TSPlib instances according to its specifications.
generateClusteredNetworkFunction for generation of clustered networks
generateGridNetworkGenerates a grid network.
generateRandomNetworkGenerates a random graph in a hypercube.
getDepotCoordinatesGet coordinates of depots.
getNumberOfClustersGet the number of clusters of a network.
getNumberOfDepotsReturns the number of depots of a network.
getNumberOfNodesReturns number of nodes of a network.
getOptimalPointMatchingComputes optimal point assignment for two sets of points of...
getPointDistributionStrategiesReturns the available strategies for distributing points...
getTSPInstancesOverviewGet an overview of instances in a directory.
getValidEdgeWeightTypesGet TSPlib edge weight types.
hasDepotsCheck if network has depots.
importFromFileImport a network from proprietary format.
importFromTSPlibFormatImport network from (extended) TSPlib format.
isEuclideanCheck if network is euclidean.
isNetworkCheck if object is 'Network'.
makeNetworkGenerate network based on coordinates.
morphInstancesMorphing of two networks with a convex combination of the...
rescaleNetworkRescale network
visualizeMorphingFancy visualization of morphing.
visualizePointMatchingVisualize point matching.
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