Man pages for jamesthomson/R2D3
Converts R objects and data frames to json and produces D3.js visualisations

D3ChordD3 Chord
D3DendroD3 Dendrogram
D3ForceD3 Force
D3SankeyD3 Sankey
D3SunburstD3 Sunburst
D3TreeD3 Tree
D3VennD3 Venn
D3WordCloudD3 Word Cloud
D3XtabHeatD3 XtabHeat
dfToJSONConverts data to json form
jsonCompareMultiple results for comparison to json
jsonHCHierachical Cluster output to json
jsonMatrixMatrix json
jsonNestedDataData frame to nested json
jsonNodesLinksNodes and Links json
jsonOverlapsData frame to overlaps json
jsonSeqFreqSequence frequency json
jsonXtabsData frame to cross tabs json
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