Man pages for jarad/WEPPR
R interface to the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model

calculate_baseline_effective_conductivityBaseline effective conductivity estimation (Kb)
calculate_cum_distCalculate cumulative distance across groups used for...
calculate_diff_slopeCalculates difference in OFE rows
calculate_KeCalculate time-invariant effective hydraulic conductivity...
calculate_total_distanceCalculate the total distance
ClimateCreate a Climate Class
create_runCreate a run object
effective_hydraulic_conductivityEffective hydraulic conductivity
expand_cliExpands Climate object to calculate ppt and inst ppt. at...
expand_slpExpand Slope object to calculate slope and elevation at...
get_xminCalculate xmin vector for geom_rect
hashCompute md5sum hash for a file
integrate_cliCalculates the instantaneous precipitation (precipitation /...
integrate_slpModify Slope object by adding coefficients for slope and...
is_linuxChecks for Linux OS
is_wepp_availableWill check for WEPP executable
merge_slp_solMerge Slope and Soil object to provide Soil object with...
plot.ClimatePlots the ppt and inst. ppt from a Climate object
plot.SlopePlots the slope and elevation from a Slope object
plot.SoilPlots the features in the Soil object
read_cliRead a WEPP climate file
read_manRead a WEPP management file
read_runRead a WEPP run file
read_slpRead a WEPP slope file
read_solRead a WEPP soil file
read_wbRead a WEPP wb file
read_yldRead a WEPP yield file
remove_slp_transitionsRemove first row for each new OFE in a Slope object or Soil...
runShinyRun the WEPPR shiny app
run_variablesRun option variables
SlopeCreate a Slope Class
SoilCreate a Soil Class
WEPPRA package for WEPP simulation and emulation
write_cliWrite a WEPP climate file
write_manWrite a WEPP management file
write_runWrite a WEPP run settings file
write_slpWrite a WEPP slope file
write_slp_fileWrite the slope data file
write_solWrite a WEPP soil file
write_sol_fileWrite the soil data file
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