Man pages for jardimViniciusC/BioNetStat
Biological Network Analysis

adjacencyMatrixAdjacency matrix
centralityPathPlotStructural measures of vertices view in metabolic pathways
diffNetAnalysisDifferential network analysis method
doLabelsClass vector of data table
edgeTestEdge score equality test
KLdegreeKullback-Liebler divergence among the density functions of...
KLspectrumKullback-Liebler divergence among the spectral density...
labelsLabels of glioma tissues in gene expression
nDegreeDensitiesDensity functions of the degrees of n graphs
networkFeatureNetwork features
networkTestNetwork equality test
nodeScoresNode scores
nodeTestNode score equality test
nSpectralDensitiesSpectral Density functions of n graphs
pathPlotVariable values view in metabolic pathways
readSetFileRead a collection of variables sets (*.txt)
readVarFileRead variable values matrix
runBioNetStatRun BNS
varFileGene expression in glioma tissues
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