Man pages for jashubbard/edfR
Basic functions for importing SR-Research Eyelink EDF files

combine.eyedataCombine the results from edf.batch
edf.allLoad all data from EDF file
edf.batchBatch process EDF files
edf.eventsLoad Events
edf.messagesLoad Messages
edf.plotCreate a fixation scatterplot from EDF
edf.preambleLoad Preamble
edfRedfR: Import from SR Eyelink EDF files
edf.recordingsLoad Recordings
edf.samplesLoad Samples
edf.trialcountDetermine trial number from an EDF file
edf.trialsLoad trial-based data from an EDF file
epoch.samplesEpoch sample data
eventmaskAdd an event mask to sample data
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