Man pages for jasongraf1/VADIS
Variation-Based Distance & Similarity Modeling

calc_kappaCalculate condition number kappa
calc_max_distancesCalculate the maximum distances for a set of possible...
calc_VIFCalculate variance inflation factors for regression model...
create_coef_tableCreate Table of Coefficients for VADIS analysis
create_rank_tableCreate Table of Variable Importance Rankings for VADIS...
create_signif_tableCreate Table of Significant Effects for VADIS analysis
hosmerlem_testHosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit test
particle_verbs_shortEnglish particle verbs
standStandardize regression inputs by centering around the mean...
summary_statsCalculate summary statistics for list of models
vadis_line1Calculate the first line of evidence for the VADIS method
vadis_line2Calculate the second line of evidence for the VADIS method
vadis_line3Calculate the third line of evidence for the VADIS method
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