Man pages for jemus42/tRakt
Pull Data from ''

build_trakt_urlAssemble a API URL
convert_datetimeQuick datetime conversion
futuramaFuturama episodes
gameofthronesGame of Thrones episodes
get_trakt_credentialsSet the required API credentials
houseHouse episodes
padEasy episode id padding
parse_trakt_urlGet info from a show URL
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
tRaktPull Data from
trakt.api.callMake an APIv2 call to any URL
trakt.get_all_episodesGet a show's episodes. All of them.
trakt.get_full_showdataGet all the show data the cast and crew of a movie a single movie's ratings a single movie's release details
trakt.movies.popularGet popular movies
trakt.movies.relatedSearch for related movies
trakt.movies.trendingGet trending movies a single movie's details users watching a movie
trakt.people.moviesGet a single person's movie credits
trakt.people.showsGet a single person's show credits
trakt.people.summaryGet a single person's details
trakt.relatedSearch for related shows or movies
trakt.searchSearch for a show via text query a show via id
trakt.seasons.seasonGet a season of a show
trakt.seasons.summaryGet a show's season information the cast and crew of a show a single show's ratings
trakt.shows.popularGet popular shows
trakt.shows.relatedSearch for related shows
trakt.shows.trendingGet trending shows show summary info users watching a show
trakt.statsDefunct Get a show or movie's stats
trakt.user.collectionGet a user's collected shows or movies
trakt.user.followersGet a user's followers
trakt.user.followingGet a user's followings
trakt.user.friendsGet a user's friends
trakt.user.ratingsGet a user's ratings
trakt.user.statsGet a user's stats
trakt.user.watchedGet a user's watched shows or movies
trakt.user.watchlistGet a user's watchlist
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