Man pages for jemus42/wurstmineR
Work with a vanilla Minecraft server API

extractItemNamesExtract item names from item stat ID
extractMobNamesExtract mob names from mob stat ID
getActivePeopleGet active server members dataframe
getDeathsGetting death stats
getItemStatsGenerate per-item stats
getLatestDeathsGetting death stat
getLeadingPlayersSee which players lead a stat
getListElementGet element of a list of lists
getMobStatsGet per-mob stats
getNameFromUUIDGet a name from a UUID
getPlayedPerXSummarizing playerSessions by X
getPlayerSessionsExtract player sessions from server sessions
getSessionsGetting server sessions
getStringsGetting descriptive strings
mergeItemStatsMerge old and new item stat IDs
nullifyNAConvert all NAs in dataset to 0
readStatsFileCollect data from a standard world/stats directory
stats2dfProduce a dataframe with playerstats
strings.achievementsStrings for item stats
strings.biomesStrings for biomes
strings.generalStrings for general stats
strings.itemsStrings for item stats
strings.mobsStrings for mob names
wurstmineRThrow R at Minecraft. See what sticks.
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