Man pages for jeremymcrae/cifer
CNV Inheritance from Exome Read-Depths

categorize_p_valuecategorize whether a p-value belongs to the null distribution
CIFERcifer: predicts inheritance of CNVs from exome read-depth.
classify_from_trio_p_valuesclassify the inheritance state of the child's CNV call
get_l2r_z_scoresget Z transformed L2R scores in the population, and in the...
get_maximaestimate local maxima within a numeric distribution
get_null_parametersget the parameters of the null distrubution
plot_cnvplot the density of Z-scores from the population and trio
predict_inheritancepredict the inheritance of a child's CNV from population and...
process_cnv_callpredict the inheritance state of a CNV call
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