Man pages for jeremyrcoyle/tmle3
Compute Targeted Minimum Loss-based Estimates for Point Treatments

CounterfactualClass for Defining Counterfactuals
define_cfDefining Counterfactuals
define_lfDefining Likelihood Functionals
define_nodeDefine a Node (set of variables) in an NPSEM
fit_tmle_likelihoodFit Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimator
LF_baseBase Class for Defining Likelihoods
LF_fitFitting Likelihoods
LF_staticDefine Likelihoods for Static Interventions
LikelihoodClass for Likelihood Computations
Lrnr_tmle_updateFitting submodel
make_blip_chain_functionLearner Class for Blip Regressions
Param_ATEClass for Estimation of ATE Parameter
Param_baseBase Class for Parameter Estimation
Param_TSMClass for Estimation of TSM Parameter
submodel_logitLogistic Submodel Fluctuation
tmle3_NodeClass for Nonparametric Structural Equation Models
tmle_TaskClass for Storing and Computing TMLEs as Tasks
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