Man pages for jeremyrcoyle/tmle3
The Extensible TMLE Framework

CF_LikelihoodCounterfactual Likelihood
define_lfDefine a Likelihood Factor
define_paramDefine a Parameter
delta_param_ATEPAR = Linear Contrast EY1-EY0
delta_param_PAFPAF = 1 - (1/RR(EY/E0))
delta_param_PARPAR = Linear Contrast EY-EY0
delta_param_RRRisk Ratio EY1/EY0
discretize_variableDiscretize Continuous Variable
ED_from_estimatesGet Empirical Mean of EIFs from Estimates
LF_baseBase Class for Defining Likelihood Factors
LF_empLikelihood Factor Estimated using Empirical Distribution
LF_fitLikelihood Factor Estimated from Data using sl3.
LF_knownKnown True Likelihood Factor
LF_staticStatic Likelihood Factor
LikelihoodClass for Likelihood
Likelihood_cacheCache Likelihood values, update those values
npsem_helpersHelper functions for the NPSEM
Param_ATTAdditive Effect of Treatment Among the Treated
Param_baseBase Class for Defining Parameters
Param_deltaDelta Method Parameters
Param_meanMean of Outcome Node
Param_TSMTreatment Specific Mean
plot_vimPlot results of variable importance analysis
process_missingPreprocess Data to Handle Missing Variables
propensity_scoresGet and Plot Propensity Scores
submodel_logitLogistic Submodel Fluctuation
summary_from_estimatesSummarize Estimates
Targeted_LikelihoodTargeted Likelihood
tmle3TMLE from a tmle3_Spec object
tmle3_FitTMLE fit object
tmle3_NodeA Node (set of variables) in an NPSEM
tmle3_SpecDefines a TML Estimator (except for the data)
tmle3_Spec_PARDefines a tmle (minus the data)
tmle3_Spec_RRDefines a TML Estimator for the Risk Ratio
tmle3_Spec_TSM_allDefines a TML Estimator (except for the data)
tmle3_TaskClass for Storing Data and NPSEM for TMLE
tmle3_UpdateDefines an update procedure (submodel+loss function)
tmle3_vimCompute Variable Importance Measures (VIM) with any given...
tmle_PARPAR and PAF
tmle_RRRisk Ratio
tmle_TSM_allAll Treatment Specific Means
wald_ciWald-Style Confidence Intervals
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