Man pages for jgabry/loo
Efficient Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation and WAIC for Bayesian Models

compareModel comparison
E_looCompute weighted expectations
example_loglik_arrayObjects to use in examples and tests
extract_log_likExtract pointwise log-likelihood from a Stan model
gpdfitEstimate parameters of the Generalized Pareto distribution
kfold-helpersHelper functions for K-fold cross-validation
looEfficient approximate leave-one-out cross-validation (LOO)
loo-datasetsDatasets for loo examples and vignettes
loo_model_weightsModel averaging/weighting via stacking or pseudo-BMA...
loo-packageEfficient LOO-CV and WAIC for Bayesian models
nlistNamed lists
old-extractorsExtractor methods
pareto-k-diagnosticDiagnostics for Pareto smoothed importance sampling (PSIS)
print_dimsPrint dimensions of log-likelihood or log-weights matrix
print.looPrint methods
psisPareto smoothed importance sampling (PSIS)
psislwPareto smoothed importance sampling (deprecated, old version)
relative_effConvenience function for computing relative efficiencies
waicWidely applicable information criterion (WAIC)
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