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Weighted Exclusivity Test (WExT)

bipartite_edgelistTransform between a bipartite graph and edge list
bipartite_edge_swapSwap edges of a bipartite graph
bipartite_edge_swap2Swap edges of a bipartite graph (method 2)
bipartite_edge_swap3Swap edges of a bipartite graph (method 3)
calculate_eventsCalculate the number of mutually exclusive or co-mutation...
calculate_row_col_exclusivity_weightsCalculate the weights for the Row-Column-Exclusivity test
calculate_row_exclusivity_weightsCalculate the weights for the Row-Exclusivity test
calculate_weighted_row_exclusivity_weightsCalculate the weights for the Weighted-Row-Exclusivity test
check_grCheck that a node attribute exists for a graph
filter_by_mutation_frequencyFilter a bipartite graph's genes by number of mutations
get_node_indexGet the indices of nodes after evaluating 'expr'
make_sample_gene_bipartiteMake the sample-gene bipartite graph
matrix_to_tibbleConvert between a mutation matrix and tibble
random_edge_nodesReturn the nodes for a randomly selected edge
rc_testThe Row-Column-Exclusivity or Co-mutation test
remove_edgeRemove an edge
results_trackerInitialize the mutation event tracker tibble
simple_datasetSimple example data for WExT
swap_an_edgeSwap a single edge
swap_an_edge2Swap a single edge (method 2)
swap_an_edgeCSwap a single edge (method 2 in C++)
wextThe Weighted-Exclusivity Test
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