Man pages for jhsiao999/peco
A Supervised Approach for Predicting Cell Cycle Progression Using Single-Cell RNA-seq Data

cellcyclegenes_whitfield2002List of Cell Cycle Genes Identified in Whitfield et al, 2002.
circ_distPairwise Distance Between Two Circular Variables
cycle_npreg_insampleObtain Cyclic Trend Estimates from Training Data
cycle_npreg_loglikInfer Angles or Cell Cycle Phase Using Gene Expression Data
cycle_npreg_mstepEstimate Parameters of the Cyclic Trends
cycle_npreg_outsamplePredict Test-sample Ordering Using Training Labels
data_transform_quantileQuantile-normalize CPM for Each Gene
fit_bsplineEstimate Cyclic Trends in Gene Expression Levels Using...
fit_cyclical_manyEstimate Cyclic Trend For Several Genes Using Trendfiltering
fit_loessEstimate Cyclic Trends of Expression Values Using Loess
fit_trendfilterEstimate Cyclic Trend of Gene Expression Using Trendfiltering
initialize_gridsInitialize Grid for cycle_npreg_loglik
intensity2circleInfer Angles for Single-cell Samples Using Fluorescence...
model_5genes_predictCell-Cycle Predictions using 5 Genes
model_5genes_trainModel Training Results for 5 Genes
rotationRotate Circular Variable to Minimize Distance Between...
sce_top101genesMolecule Counts of the 101 Significant Cyclical Genes in the...
shift_originShift Origin of Angles
training_humanTraining Data from the Top 101 Cyclic Genes in 888...
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