Man pages for jiho/chroma
Parse and Manipulate Colors, Create Perceptually Accurate Color Palettes

alphaModify colour transparency
brewerColors from
brewer_infoDescription of the color palettes
brewer_scaleColorBrewer scales and palettes
channelGet or set color channel
chroma_scaleLightness scale and palette
cmykCMYK Color Specification
contrastQuantify contrast betwen colors
convert_colorConvert colors to a given color model
cssCSS Color Specification
cubehelix_scaleCubeHelix color scale and palette
darkenChange color lightness
delta_eCompute the difference between two colors
hclHCL Color Specification
hexHEX Color Specification
hsiHSI Color Specification
hslHSL Color Specification
hsvHSV Color Specification
hueGet the hue of colors
hue_scaleHue scale and palette
infernoMagma colors
inferno_scaleMagma color scale and palette
in_hexForce HEX representation
interp_scaleInterpolated color scales and palettes
labCIE L*a*b* Color Specification
light_scaleLightness scale and palette
luminanceGet or set the relative brightness of colors
magmaMagma colors
magma_scaleMagma color scale and palette
mixMix two colors
na_insertInsert NAs into a vector based on another one
parse_colorParse colors specified in a given model
persp_facetsFacets values in a persp plot
plasmaMagma colors
plasma_scaleMagma color scale and palette
random_colorsGenerate random color(s)
rgbRGB Color Specification
saturateChange color saturation
show_colShow colors
temperatureColor Temperature Specification
viridisViridis colors
viridis_scaleViridis color scale and palette
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