Man pages for jiho/ecotaxar
Read Information From EcoTaxa

ancestorsGet ids of ancestors of a taxon
as.taxoCoerce taxonomy data.frames to various formats
childrenGet id(s) of the children of a taxon
descendantsGet ids of descendants of a taxon
extract_taxoExtract a subset of the taxonomy for a set of ids
is_leafTests whether a taxon is a leaf in a taxonomic tree
lineageGet the full lineage of a taxon
mappingParse a mapping specification
parentGet id of the parent of a taxon
read_ecotaxa_tsvRead tsv file from EcoTaxa
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_empty_colsRemove empty columns from a data.frame
src_ecotaxaConnect to the database of EcoTaxa
taxo_idGet the ids of taxa from their names
taxo_nameGet the names of taxa from their ids
tbl_ecotaxaConnect to EcoTaxa tables
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