Man pages for jimrperkins/NormqPCR
Functions for normalisation of RT-qPCR data

BladderBladder dataset of Andersen et al (2004)
BladderReproDataset of Andersen et al (2004)
ColonColon dataset of Andersen et al (2004)
combineTechRepsCombines Technical Replicates
combineTechRepsSDCombines Technical Replicates
ComputeNRQsCompute Normalized Relative Quantities
CqValuesCompute Cq value and amplification efficiency
deltaCtPerform normalization with a given housekeeping gene
deltaDeltaCtPerform normalization and differential expression with given...
geNormData set of Vandesompele et al (2002)
geomMeanGeometric Mean
makeAllNAsMake all Cq values NA
makeAllNewValMake all Cq values NA
NormqPCR-packageFunctions for normalisation of RT-qPCR data.
replaceAboveCutOffReplace Cq values with new value
replaceNAsReplace NAs with a given value
selectHKsSelection of reference/housekeeping genes
stabMeasureMGene expression stability value M
stabMeasureRhoGene expression stability value rho
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