Man pages for jknowles/EWStools
Tools for automating the testing and evaluation of education early warning system models

assembleDataAssemble train and test data for model building with EWStools
bowersEWSSummary of the Accuracy of Early Warning Indicators
buildDISFrameGenerate an empty dataframe to match 'modAcc' lists
buildModelMatrixTurn a dataframe into a model matrix for caret functions
buildRMSEFrameGenerate an empty dataframe to match 'modAcc' lists
buildROCcurveFrameGenerate an empty dataframe to match 'modAcc' lists
caretMethodsExtended version of caret model list from caret package
caretTagsMatrix of caret models by tag
ci_predCalculate a confidence interval for a vector
cleanArgAn internal function to ensure all parameters passed through...
dfExtractGenerate a dataframe from 'modAcc' lists
dfExtractDISGenerate a dataframe from 'modAcc' lists
dfExtractRMSEGenerate a dataframe from 'modAcc' lists
dfExtractROCGenerate a dataframe from 'modAcc' lists
DISit-classClass "DISit" of distance statistics
dissimMethodSample caret methods to maximize dissimilarity in the...
DIStestGetting an DIStest on a train object
EWStestDataEWS test data
factor_normInternal function to aide with factors in predicting new data...
fourStatsSummaryCalculate distance from perfect prediction on resamples
modAccGenerate a list of 'ROCit' objects or 'RMSEit' for different...
modSearchGenerate an empty dataframe to match 'modAcc' lists
modSearchResultsSummarize the results of modSearch
modTestTrain a model and store 'ROCit' tests on different datasets
omitLinearCombosOmit linear combinations from a predictor matrix
print.ROCitPrint a summary of an 'ROCit' object
probExtractExtract probabilities from various types of R models used for...
reclassProbConvert probabilities to classifications
RMSEit-classClass "RMSEit" of RMSE statistics
RMSEtestGeneric function to build RMSEtest
ROCit-classClass "ROCit" of ROC classification statistics
ROCtestGeneric function to build ROCtest
splitDataSplit data into a training and a test dataset
subscoresCalculate subscores from an overall score in a dataframe
summary.ROCitExtract a summary of an 'ROCit' object
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