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R API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation

calculateImpliedVolatilityCalculate Option Values
eWrappereWrapper Closure For Message Processing
exerciseOptionsExercise Options Contracts
IBrokers-packageR API to the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS).
internalInternal TWS-API MSG and ERR List
placeOrderTWS Orders
processMsgMain TWS-API Event Manager
reqAccountUpdatesRequest Account Updates
reqContractDetailsRequest Contract Details From TWS
reqCurrentTimeRequest The Current TWS Time
reqHistoricalDataRequest Historical Data From TWS
reqIdsRequest Next Valid Id
reqMktDataRequest Market Data Feed from TWS
reqMktDepthRequest Market Depth Feed from TWS
reqNewsBulletinsSubscribe or Unsubscribe To News Bulletins
reqRealTimeBarsRequest Real Time Bars from TWS
setServerLogLevelEnable API Logging Via TWS
twsCALLBACKInternal Data Callback Routine
twsConnectEstablish, Check or Terminate a Connection to TWS or IBG
twsConnectionTimeTWS API Utility Functions
twsContractCreate a twsContract
twsCurrencyCreate a twsCurrency
twsEquityCreate a twsEquity
twsFutureCreate a twsFuture Contract
twsOptionCreate a twsContract for Options
twsOrderCreate twsOrder Object
twsScannerSubscriptionCreate ScannerSubscription
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