Man pages for jmbarbone/jordanExtra
Extra Functions for the mark Package

add_data_sheetWrappers for openxlsx package functions
add_euclideanAdd Euclidean distance
add_image_sheetAdd image to sheet
add_mahalanobisAdd Mahalanobis distance
assignsAssign add
autoplot_table_mosaicAutoplot table mosaic
cachecache an object
coef_equationPrint a model as an equation
default_envDefault environment
effect_sizesEffect sizes conversions
engine_rustEngine - Rust
filter_combineFilter combine
fishers_methodFisher's method for combined probabilities
grapes-newer-grapesIs newer
iqrsInter Quartile Ranges
make_passwordGenerate a random password
min_maxMin-max normalization
percentile_rankPercentile rank
pROC_optimal_thresholdOptimal threshold from pROC mod
pROC_quick_plotPlots an ROC model
p_valuesRound p-value
reference_changeCalculate change from a visit
reverse_log_transReverse log transformation for ggplot
sd_pooledPooled standard deviation
sterrStandard error
test_git_repoTest a git repository
tukey_coefTukey's coefficient
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