Man pages for jmigueldelgado/myrpack

aggr_lead_plus_3monthsaggregate forecast/observation for January+lead by polygon
aggr_month_after_leadaggregate forecast/observation for January+lead by polygon
check_st_idsX must be a spacetime object
get_cond_av_obsconditional average observation as in wilks page 286 eq 7.38
get_fc_prob_binsget forecast probability bins from set of forecasts...
getfpdetermine forecast probability of each bin
getHRi_relnotation and expression comes from...
get_marginal_fc_distmarginal distribution of the forecasts as in wilks page 285...
getNOidetermine non-occurrences in bins
getOidetermine occurrences in bins
long2WASA_Hwrites WASA input file H
long2WASA_Pwrites WASA input file P
long2WASA_Rwrites WASA input file R
long2WASA_Twrites WASA input file T
obs_fc_tabletable of observed vs forecasted events
rocroc of ensemble forecast
spacetime2WASA_Hwrites WASA input file H
spacetime2WASA_Pwrites WASA input file
spacetime2WASA_Rwrites WASA input file R
spacetime2WASA_Twrites WASA input file T
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