Man pages for jmousseau/Stain
SLURM Containers

create_slog_fileCreate Slum Logging File
find_globalsFind unassigned global variables.
rand_alphanumericGenerate a Random Alphanumeric.
sbatch_dependency_listFill in dependency list placeholders.
sbatch_mail_type_combineCreate single sbatch mail type key value pair.
sbatch_mail_type_optsA list of sbatch mail types.
sbatch_optCreate an SBATCH option
sbatch_opt_keyGet the key of an sbatch.
sbatch_optsA list of sbatch options.
sbatch_opts_equalTest sbatch options for equality.
sbatch_opts_format_cmd_lineFormat the sbatch options for command line use.
sbatch_opts_insertInsert an sbatch option into a set.
sbatch_opt_valueGet the value of an sbatch option.
slog_fileSlurm Logging File
StainSlurmContainer R6 object.
stain_bash_slurm_writeWrite the stain slurm submission script
stain_default_main_writeWrite the default main R file.
stain_message_globalsMessage for globals.
stain_message_source_filesMessage for source files.
stain_message_sshMessage for ssh.
stain_meta_createCreate the meta JSON file.
stain_meta_readRead tne stain meta file.
stain_meta_sbatch_opts_readGet the sbatch options in meta file.
stain_meta_set_idSet the id for the stain.
stain_meta_set_sbatch_optSet a sbatch option parameter.
stain_meta_set_stain_versionSet the stain version.
stain_meta_sub_history_appendAppend a new submission history row.
stain_meta_writeWrite tne stain meta file.
stain_scpscp with the Stain RSA key.
stain_sshssh with the Stain RSA key.
stain_ssh_key_existsCheck for a Stain ssh key.
stain_ssh_key_genGenerate a Stain ssh key.
stain_ssh_sacctGet sacct info on certain jobs.
stain_ssh_setupCreate bash code for ssh setup.
stain_ssh_squeueGet squeue info on certain jobs.
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