The biomformat Package for R

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This is an R package for interfacing with both the JSON and HDF5 versions of the biom file format. This package includes basic tools for reading biom-format files, accessing and subsetting data tables from a biom object, as well as limited support for writing a biom-object back to a biom-format file.


The design of this API is intended to match the python API where appropriate, while maintaining a decidedly "R flavor" that should be familiar to R users. This includes S4 classes and methods, as well as extensions of common core functions/methods.


To install the latest stable release of the biom package enter the following in an R session (after official release).


Before official release, or to install the latest development version, enter the following into an R session.

install.packages("devtools") # if not already installed
devtools::install_github("biomformat", "joey711")


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