Man pages for johnbaums/things
Mostly spatial things

adjacent_ibraSubset IBRA 7 by points
aus_albersNatural Earth - Australia SPDF
gdallocationinfoQuery raster files at points
gdal_sdCell-wise raster standard deviation
ibra7_albersIBRA 7 polygons
ibra7_nbsIBRA 7 region adjacency matrix
ibra_regionIdentify IBRA 7 regions or subregions
interpolate_linearLinear interpolation between pairs of rasters
maxent_ICCalculate information criteria for Maxent models
maxent_limitingCalculate which factors limit predicted habitat suitability
nodataQuery raster files for their NoData values
parse_lambdasParse Maxent lambdas information
proj_by_nameGet proj4 strings and EPSG codes by CRS keywords.
project_maxentProject a fitted Maxent model
read_mxeRead raster data stored in Maxent's mxe format
thingsthings: Miscellaneous R functions - mainly spatial and...
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