memory: Memory data on health and schizophrenic patients

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Data set from study assessing differences between schizophrenic patients and healthy control participants in patterns of correlations among 6 verbal memory tasks (Ichinose et al., 2019).

Im numeric Percent correct on immediate recall of 3 word lists
Del numeric Percent correct on delayed recall of 3 word lists
Wmn numeric Number correct on letter-number span test of auditory working memory
Cat numeric Number correct on category fluency task
Fas numeric Number correct on letter fluency task
Rat numeric Number correct on remote associates task
Group factor Participant Group (HC = Healthy Control; SZ = Schizophrenia)




A data.frame with 40 rows and 8 columns.


Ichinose, M.C., Han, G., Polyn, S., Park, S., & Tomarken, A.J. (2019). Verbal memory performance discordance in schizophrenia: A reflection of cognitive dysconnectivity. Unpublished manuscript.

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