API for jomuller/vartors
Transform Definition of Variables to R Scripts

Global functions
$,ScriptOutput-method Man page
$,VariableDef-method Man page
$<-,ScriptOutput-method Man page
DatabaseDef-class Man page
ScriptOutput-class Man page
ScriptTemplate Man page
ScriptTemplate-class Man page
VariableDef-class Man page
as.character.data.frame Source code
bad_database Man page
bloc_lines Source code
c Man page
c,ScriptOutput-method Man page
change_colnames Source code
clean_up_df Source code
colname_from_colnumber Man page Source code
complete_colname_dictionnary Source code
create_bloc Source code
create_script Man page
create_script,DatabaseDef,ANY-method Man page
create_script,VariableDef,ANY-method Man page
create_script,VariableDef,ScriptTemplate-method Man page
create_script,VariableDef,character-method Man page
create_script,data.frame,ANY-method Man page
database_def Man page Source code
descvars_skeleton Man page Source code
detect_language Source code
example_df Man page
excel_skeleton Man page Source code
export_template Man page Source code
find_levels Source code
import_pam_meta Source code
import_template Man page Source code
import_vardef Man page
import_vardef,data.frame-method Man page
is_maybe_factor Source code
is_vartors_template Man page Source code
list_level Source code
list_templates Man page Source code
onAttach Source code
parse_factor Man page Source code
sample_descvar Man page
script Man page
script_template Man page Source code
shorten Man page Source code
skeleton Man page
spreadsheet_column_names Source code
template Man page
tidy_rname Man page Source code
type_translate Source code
vardef Man page Source code
variable_definition_table Man page
variables_description_bad_database Man page
vartors Man page
vartors-package Man page
write_file Man page
write_file,ScriptOutput-method Man page
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