Man pages for jomuller/vartors
Transform Definition of Variables to R Scripts

bad_databaseBad database to test vartors
colname_from_colnumberSpreadsheet column name from number
create_scriptCreate a script
c-ScriptOutput-methodConcatenate ScriptOutput objects together.
database_defCreate a DatabaseDef object
DatabaseDef-classClass DatabaseDef
descvars_skeletonSkeleton of a definition of variables table
example_dfSample data.frame to test vartors
excel_skeletonWrite an Excel VariableDef skeleton
export_templateExport a built-in script template
extract-methodsGet value of a ScriptOutput object
import_templateImport a script template
import_vardefImport definition of variables
is_vartors_templateDetect if a specified file is a vartors template
list_templatesList available vartors templates in a folder
parse_factorHelper function to parse factor
sample_descvarSample definition of variables table
ScriptOutput-classClass ScriptOutput
script_templateCreate a 'ScriptTemplate' object
ScriptTemplateScript template
ScriptTemplate-classClass ScriptTemplate
shortenShorten names
tidy_rnameTransform char to rname
vardefCreate a VariableDef object
VariableDef-classClass VariableDef
variable_definition_tableDefinition of variables table
variables_description_bad_databaseSample definition of variables table
vartorsTransform Definition of Variables to R Scripts
write_fileWrite file method
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