Man pages for jonasbhend/geoutils
package to read in and analyse climate model output in NetCDF format

anomaliesCompute anomalies with respect to reference period
apply.NetCDFApply a function to specified dimensions of an 'NetCDF'...
collapse2matConverts array to matrix
colourrampColour palettes
compute_distCompute distance between points on the globe
condense_ipcccondense a list of NetCDF objects into an array
dedriftFunction to remove drift from model runs
detect_breakDetect step changes
doyCompute the day of the year from date
ensmeanCompute (multi-model) ensemble means
fdrfunCompute p-values when controlling the False Discovery Rate
fullfilterFilter functions for 'NetCDF' objects
geocoloursColours used in the geoutils package
hclpalettePlots a palette or two hcl hues (through white)
insetfunctions to set position and size for insets
map2Addition to plot proper map without borders
merge.NetCDFMerge objects of type NetCDF along the time dimension
movartrendCompute trends on NetCDF objects
ncdf_timesGet time attribute from NetCDF file and convert it to years...
nefffunCompute effective degrees of freedom for autocorrelated time...
open.ncdfNew 'open.ncdf' for CF compatibility
plot_colourbarPlot a colourbar
plot.NetCDFFunction to plot objects of class 'NetCDF'
quantfunFunctions to compute (weighted) quantiles
readAndMergeCMIP5Read in and collate a collection of NetCDF files.
readNetCDFRead in NetCDF data
readSeasNetCDFRead in NetCDF data with NCI seasonal structure (one variable...
select_modelsSelect models and ensemble members
select_regionSelect region(s)
select_seasSelect seasons from 'NetCDF' object
select_timeSelect specified years
stringFunctions to modify text.
time_averageCreate n-year averages of an NetCDF object
timemergeMerge a list of NetCDF objects along the time dimension
vert.polyPlot shaded area between lines
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