Man pages for jpfrench81/SpatialTools
Tools for Spatial Data Analysis

coincidentDetermine coincident coordinates
cov.spCalculates spatial covariance
cov.stCalculates spatio-temporal covariance
decomp.covCalculates decomposition of covariance matrix
dist1Calculate Euclidean distance matrix for a matrix of...
dist2Calculate Euclidean distance matrix between coordinates of...
get.contoursExtracts coordinates from contourLines function
krige.okPerforms Ordinary Kriging
krige.skPerforms simple kriging
krige.ukPerforms universal kriging
maxlik.cov.spDetermines maximum likelihood estimates of covariance...
maxlik.cov.stDetermines maximum likelihood estimates of covariance...
plot.contourLinesPlot contour lines
rcondnormGenerate from conditional normal distribution
rmvnormGenerates realizations from a multivariate normal...
simple.cov.spCalculates spatial covariance based on distance matrix
simple.cov.timeCalculates temporal covariance based on distance matrix
spLMPredictJointReturns posterior predictive sample from spLM object
toydataA toy data set for use in examples.
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