Man pages for jreduardo/cmpreg
Reparametrized COM-Poisson Regression Models

bromeliaAlternative substrats for bromeliad production
cmpFitting COM-Poisson models with varying dispersion
cmp_fitMaximize the COM-Poisson log-likelihood function
cmpreg-methodsMethod for 'cmpreg' objects
compute_logzCompute COM-Poisson normalizing constante in log scale
cottonArtificial defoliation in cotton phenology
equitestLikelihood ratio test for equidispersion
llcmp-computeNegative of the log-likelihood function from the...
lrtests-cmpregLikelihood ratio tests for nested COM-Poisson models
nitrofenToxicity of nitrofen in aquatic systems
predict.cmpregPredict method for COM-Poisson models
sitophilusAnnona mucosa for control of Sitophilus zeamaus
soybeanSoil moisture and potassium doses on soybean culture
summary.cmpregSummary of the COM-Poisson models (individual t-tests)
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