nitrofen: Toxicity of nitrofen in aquatic systems

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Nitrofen is no longer in commercial use in the United States, having been the first pesticide to be withdrawn due to tetragenic effects (Bailer, 1994). This data set comes from an experiment to measure the reproductive toxicity of the herbicide, nitrofen, on a species of zooplankton (Ceriodaphnia dubia). Fifty animals were randomized into batches of ten and each batch was put in a solution with a measured concentration of nitrofen (0, .8, 1.6, 2.35 and 3.10 μg/100litre. Subsequently, the number of live offspring was recorded.


data(nitrofen, package = "cmpreg")


A tibble with 50 observations and 2 colums:


Bailer, A. and J. Oris (1994). Assessing toxicity of pollutant in aquatic systems. In Case Studies in Biometry, 25-40.

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