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Miscellaneous Data Sets

average_salarySalary Data for a Hypothetical Firm
bordeauxPrices of Bordeaux Vintages
boroughMagnetic Variation in England in 1580
CampbellThistlewaite1960Thistlewaite and Campbell (1960) Regression Discontinuity...
choleraJohn Snow's cholera data
countydeathsCounty death rates for six English counties, 1876-1883
covariancesSeveral Simulated Datasets Illustrating Correlation...
davenantKing-Davenant Price Schedule
db1668Magnetic Variation near Bristol, England on May 23, 1668
delhiwheatPrice of Wheat in Delhi, 1763-1836
eponymsStigler's data on eponymic conventions for the normal...
gavarettGavarett's data on sex ratios of legitimate and illegitimate...
gellibrandMagnetic Variation at Deptford, England in 1635
kerrichJohn Kerrich's Coin Tossing Experiment (Summary)
kerrich2000First 2000 Tosses of Kerrich's Coin Tossing Experiment
loterie_betsFrench Lottery Winning Bets 1779-1833
loterie_drawsFrench Lottery Winning Draws 1758-1834
nonsenseYule and Kendall's nonsense correlations
normal_deviates100,000 Random Normal Deviates
pauperism_pluPauperism in England, 1871-1891 (Poor Law Unions)
pauperism_yearPauperism in England, 1871-1891 (Yearly Data)
PlanetMoneyCowGuessesPlanet Money Cow Weight Guesses
rand_digitsOne Million Random Digits
skullsCorrelations between length and breadth of skulls, by sex
VoxPopuliGalton's cow weight-judging competition data
weldonWeldon's Dice Rolls
winetastingParis Wine Tasting
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