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Miscellaneous Historically Important Data Sets

average_salarySalary Data for a Hypothetical Firm
bordeauxPrices of Bordeaux Vintages
boroughMagnetic Variation in England in 1580
CampbellThistlewaite1960Thistlewaite and Campbell (1960) Regression Discontinuity...
countydeathsCounty death rates for six English counties, 1876-1883
covariancesSeveral Simulated Datasets Illustrating Correlation...
davenantKing-Davenant Price Schedule
db1668Magnetic Variation near Bristol, England on May 23, 1668
delhiwheatPrice of Wheat in Delhi, 1763-1836
eponymsStigler's data on eponymic conventions for the normal...
gavarettGavarett's data on sex ratios of legitimate and illegitimate...
gellibrandMagnetic Variation at Deptford, England in 1635
loterie_betsFrench Lottery Winning Bets 1779-1833
loterie_drawsFrench Lottery Winning Draws 1758-1834
nonsenseYule and Kendall's nonsense correlations
pauperism_pluPauperism in England, 1871-1891 (Poor Law Unions)
pauperism_yearPauperism in England, 1871-1891 (Yearly Data)
PlanetMoneyCowGuessesPlanet Money Cow Weight Guesses
skullsCorrelations between length and breadth of skulls, by sex
VoxPopuliGalton's cow weight-judging competition data
weldonWeldon's Dice Rolls
winetastingParis Wine Tasting
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