UNVotes1947: UN Voting Portfolios of European Major Powers and U.S., 1947

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This dataset contains UN voting portfolios of the U.S., United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union in 1947.




A data frame with 5 variables and 32 observation. The vote coding is: 1=no, 2=abstain, and 3=yes. UNCase does not refer to the actual resolution numbers. Rather, the resolutions are simply listed sequentially as they appear in the data.

[,1] UNCase factor UN Case
[,3] USA integer Vote by the USA
[,4] UK integer Vote by the United Kingdom
[,5] FRN integer Vote by France
[,6] RUS integer Vote by the Soviet Union


Signorino and Ritter (1999), Table 7(b), p. 137


Signorino, C. S. and Ritter, J.M. (1999) Tau-b or Not Tau-b, International Studies Quarterly, 43, 115–144.

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