war1800: Nineteenth century militarized interstate disputes

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This dataset is a sample nineteenth-century militarized interstate disputes.




A data frame with 20 variables and 313 observations.

midnum integer MID number
year integer year
ccode1 integer state 1 country code
abbrev1 factor state 1 3-letter abbreviation
ccode2 integer state 2 country code
abbrev2 factor state 2 3-letter abbreviation
cap.1 numeric stat 1's percent of system capabilities
cap.2 numeric stat 2's percent of system capabilities
balanc numeric cap.1/(cap.1 + cap.2)
s.wt.re1 numeric S score weighted for 1's region
s.wt.re2 numeric S score weighted for 2's region
dem1 integer state 1's democracy score
dem2 integer state 2's democracy score
distance integer distance between states 1 and 2
revis1 logical whether state 1 is revisionist
revis2 logical whether state 2 is revisionist
sq logical status quo outcome dummy
capit logical capitulation by 2 outcome dummy
war logical war outcome dummy


Curtis Signorino, http://www.rochester.edu/college/psc/signorino/, war1800.dta

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